About us



Antti and Jani created PowerProfiler, after realizing the lack of trustworthy, fact-based information on power consumption and battery life related issues. These issues do matter, as poor battery life is the most common complaint by the smartphone users. Many other battery-powered devices suffer from the same problems as well. 


PowerProfiler is on a mission to raise the awareness on power consumption, by using realistic and accurate measurements to back up their analysis on power issues that matter. PowerProfiler has 25+ man-years of experience in this technology area, and now this experience is at your disposal. The goal is to provide good data and analysis to the end-users, who in turn start to demand a better battery life experience. 



Antti Kukkonen has over 10 years experience working in smartphone companies, specializing in engine power consumption analysis and measurement.


Jani Mäki has over 15 years experience working in smartphone companies. His background is in hardware design, specializing in charging and batteries, as well as power consumption.