Battery life index

Battery life index tells you how many days you can use the device with a single charge; i.e. an index of 1,00 means that the battery lasts exactly one day. The index is calculated using real power consumption measurements together with a special usage profile, consisting of over 20 use cases.


Battery life rating is also given to each device, using grades from A to G. Exceptionally good devices can get A+, A++ or A+++ grades.


Rank Device Index Rating Battery capacity
1 Apple Iphone 6s plus 0,97 A 2750 mAh
2 Samsung S7 Galaxy 0,89 C 3000 mAh
3 Huawei Honor 7 0,82 D 3100 mAh
4 LG GFlex 2 0,75 E 3000 mAh
5 Apple Iphone 6s 0,73 F 1715 mAh
6 HTC One M9 0,62 F 2840 mAh

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