In Cheap and Good? -series we test the cheapest accessories we can find from the Internet. The first installment is about a replacement battery for Fuji X100 series camera, made by Seiwei. Original NP-95 batteries for Fuji cameras are quite expensive, here in Finland the price is about 50 Euros. Fuji […]

Cheap and good? #1 – Seiwei NP-95 battery for Fuji ...

Finally, part 2 has arrived to shed more light to the question, why my battery dies in cold. In Part 1 we talked about the unavoidable performance loss of lithium batteries in cold, and how the issue can be mitigated. Now we take a look at how Apple and Samsung, […]

Why my battery dies in cold? (Part 2)

Brace yourselves, summer is coming! But not just yet, as we investigated the lithium battery behavior in cold. In Part 1 we talk about the issue in general and in Part 2 we look at behavior of Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s . The cold performance of smartphone batteries is a hot […]

Why my battery dies in cold ? (Part 1)

Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona ended last week. We concentrated mostly on the high(er)-end smartphone launches. Here are the numbers. 0 Zero appearances by Apple in MWC (as usual), even though there were rumors flying around before the event.   1 Only one product had a removable battery – a […]

MWC2017 in numbers

Crowdfunding is an easy way to support new ideas and even make some money. We took a look at what’s being offered on energy and power management area in Kickstarter. #1 – LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lantern and Phone Charger (2-in-1)   LuminAID PackLite Max Phone Charger is a solar inflatable lantern […]

Easy money? – 5 project picks from Kickstarter

We all should read more books. However, our hands are usually occupied by smartphones and tablets. A brilliant solution to this problem is an audiobook app. We tested the battery life of several audiobook apps, on both Android and iOS platforms. As this article is not yet available in audio […]

Audiobooks and battery life

Gameface 2
Great user experience is what makes a great controller. We took a look on controller battery life; often the most overlooked part of user experience. The most important aspect of a controller is the comfort of use… until the battery starts to run out. Without juice, the great feeling and […]

Clash of controllers: PS4 vs XBOX One battery life

Phone in standby
Standby power consumption is one of the few battery life parameters provided by practically all smartphone manufacturers. Typically the claim is something like "up to 14 days", but how that kind of battery life can be reached ? We tried to find out with Huawei Honor 7. Who just keeps the […]

Dissecting Huawei Honor 7 standby power consumption

Power banks charging
Power banks are more popular than ever. There are tens of models to choose from with different features, but the most important thing is obviously the capacity. We explain what the power bank capacity actually means in relation to your phone battery capacity. You bought a 9000mAh power bank, which […]

Power banks 101

The most convenient way to measure power is to use power consumption apps. There are dozens to choose from, and they seem to provide reliable data in a nice package. However, there are some things you should be aware of, when using these apps. Apps rule the world, there is […]

6 issues with power consumption apps