Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona ended last week. We concentrated mostly on the high(er)-end smartphone launches. Here are the numbers. 0 Zero appearances by Apple in MWC (as usual), even though there were rumors flying around before the event.   1 Only one product had a removable battery – a […]

MWC2017 in numbers

Crowdfunding is an easy way to support new ideas and even make some money. We took a look at what’s being offered on energy and power management area in Kickstarter. #1 – LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lantern and Phone Charger (2-in-1)   LuminAID PackLite Max Phone Charger is a solar inflatable lantern […]

Easy money? – 5 project picks from Kickstarter

Have you ever wondered how much energy is needed to charge all the smartphones in the world ? Let's do some math and find out. There are estimated 2,1 billion smartphones in the world in 2016. Wow. 2,100,000,000 smartphones is a lot. And as every smartphone user knows, the device has to […]

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