Usage profile

The usage profile used in calculating the battery life index can be found on the table below. It is designed to emulate a very active user using all the features of the device during one day.


Obviously the usage profile does not 100% match the way you use the device, but if the device can survive this usage profile a whole day with one charge, you should experience a good battery life too. We are planning to add a tool for you to define your own usage profile and calculate your personal battery life index.


Category Use case App Time/min
Talk Voice call Default 10
Voice call WhatsApp 20
Video call Skype 10
Messaging Chat messaging WhatsApp 40
Text messaging Default 10
Social Facebook Facebook 20
SnapChat SnapChat 20
Instagram Instagram 20
Audio/video Music streaming Spotify 120
Netflix Netflix 50
Video streaming YouTube 15
Browsing Free Browsing Default browser 30
Testpage browsing Default browser 30
Gaming Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Saga 20
Asphalt 8 Asphalt 8 20
Clash of Clans Clash of Clans 20
Pokemon GO Pokemon GO 20
Camera Taking photos Default camera 5
Video recording Default camera 10